Long motorbike tours can be exciting and scary if it’s your first time, especially for trips across South East Asia. If this is your first time for a long motorcycle trip, then here are some of the things you need to prepare yourself before hitting the road and to make sure you get the best experience out of the epic trip.

Prepare yourself physically

physical health before doing motorcycle tour

Motorcycling across South East Asia means that you’ll be covering hundreds of kilometers in a single day. Make sure that you’re physically and mentally fit for the challenge.

If you feel like you need to significantly improve your physical conditions, then hitting the gym a few months before the tour would be a good idea. Some of the exercises you should focus on include lunges, squats, leg raises, push-ups and mountain climbers. Practice these for several weeks and you’ll be in better conditions when facing the challenges on the road.


Prepare Yourself Mentally

It’s not every day that you travel on a motorbike across continents, other than preparing yourself physically and enjoying the journey, you also need to prepare yourself mentally.

Understand that you’ll be encountering a lot of obstacles along the way, which is why mechanics will join you along the way. No matter how frequent problems occur, you should have a positive mindset and accept that these incidents are part of the journey and are the essence that makes the adventure memorable. It’s also necessary to keep yourself motivated as you’ll be riding for more than 7 days.


Pack the must brings

motorcycle tour packing

Pack the things you need and leave the rest behind, you don’t want to be carrying some heavy load that will likely make your trip unenjoyable. The must bring items to include: sunblock, water, lip balm and a plastic bag for storing docs in case of rain. Besides these 4 essential items, you definitely need enough clothes with you and some credit cards and cash.


Pick a tour company

Last but not least, pick a good motorbike tour company like Adventure Riders! We are always ready to bring you the ride of your life for an exciting and safe journey across the South East Asian continent. Contact Adventure Riders today and experience the memory of a lifetime!

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