Ever wanted to just cross borders and go wherever the road takes you to? The motorcycle diaries of young Ernesto “Che” Guevara state that crossing borders by motorcycle trips can be life-changing. Check out these reasons why you should take a motorcycle tour across South East Asia.


Get to know your bike and repairs


toolkit off road tours


The hundreds of miles you’ll be on the road will reveal your motorbike’s personality and you’ll understand more on when to push and when not to push your motorbike. Other than that, you’ll also learn how to fix your motorcycle as several issues may occur along the way. Doing it yourself is a bonus as it will save you some cash and can be an exciting experience if you’re into mechanical work.


Travel into less-visited places


motorcycle tour across south east asia


Ever wanted to travel into the less known roads as the usual tours can get a little boring? As long as you are up to the challenge, it will all be worth it and will guarantee you more stories to tell. The roads of South East Asia are filled with the less traveled once you get out of the main cities. They are out of the tourist crowd and offer interesting things to find. Exploring these hidden gems with a motorbike is one of the best ways to do so.


Visit unique cultures and get inspired


Bali Dirt Bike Adventure Tours


Across Asia’s islands are thousands of rich cultures, a variety of languages and ways of life, spread across hundreds of countries. Exploring the different cultures is possible with a motorcycle as you’ll meet and find different communities during your road trip. You may even get to learn a bit about their language and embrace their way of life during your stay. It is definitely an experience worth having.

Travel allows you to venture and gain valuable experiences in every part of your trip. Riding a motorcycle for the journey will make it even more valuable, ensuring that you’ll be telling your children and grandchildren. Contact Adventure Riders and make the motorcycle adventure in South East Asia possible!

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