If you’ve only just got into the sport, or if you’ve bought a dirt bike and realize that it’s a machine full of power that’s super hard to tame. Well, you’re not wrong. However, to fully master and control a dirt bike, it requires far more technical skills than anything you’ve experienced on two wheels.


Body position

Dusty Dirt Bike Trails

Body positioning here refers to a lot more than just standing or sitting on a dirt bike. It also consists of where you grip your knees, your arms and fingers, your whole body posture and position of your feet on the footpegs. You’ll most likely tackle the road in the standing position, in a crouching stance with your head over the handlebars.



There’s a big difference between a car and a dirt bike – you don’t need to use the clutch to shift down. When coming up to a turn, riders usually downshift to slow down. Downshifting may interrupt the flow of your run, which is the last thing you want to do on a dirt bike. Instead, use your brake to maintain the smoothness of your run. More about the brake techniques below.


Feet Use

balance foot dirt bike

As you’ve seen in videos or photos when riders come into a corner, they lower their foot like a landing to get around. This is a must-do for every off-road rider. It’s a struggle at the start, but with practice and skills over time, your feet will drop in the corners naturally and you’ll feel the huge difference in getting over the corners. The right way to do it is to put your leg out but still keep an eye on where to put your foot, the last thing you want is to get your foot stuck in dirt or mud.



On a dirt bike, you have two physical brakes, next to the downshift technique as described above. There’s a front brake, located at your right hand and a rear brake, located by your right foot. As the hand brake is very sensitive, beginners are recommended to get used to the foot brake as quickly as possible, which is smoother and safer.

Gain control of your dirt bike with these techniques and you’ll be ready to tackle any terrain thrown at you. Once you’ve mastered the ways of the dirt bike and feel the urge to explore Bali, Java, Flores or Sumbawa, make sure to give Adventure Riders a call!

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