The Indonesian archipelago is filled with breathtaking tropical scenery. It has hundreds of local cultures and the friendliest of people to encounter. Adventure Riders Indonesia offers guided motorcycle tours around Bali, Flores and Sumbawa along with other great sites where few have ever ventured. Get the chance to ride top-notch machines on a roadless journey and witness Indonesian authentic cultures. Spend the night in traditional villages, or camp on white sandy beaches. Ride through tropical jungles and over spectacular volcanic mountains.

So here are our adventure locations suitable for both novice and experienced bike riders.


Riding Dual Sport Bikes in The Black Lava Sand in Bali

Bali, also called ‘The Island of The Gods’ is known for its rich culture and natural beauty. The dirt bike tours in Bali will lead you to the island’s most spectacular sceneries and landscapes. This includes terraced rice paddies, tropical rainforest, legendary coastlines. And above all the majestic Mother Temple of Besakih and the superb view of Mount Agung.



Enduro Riding Indonesia

Flores has it all! From the tropical jungle to unique spider-web shaped rice fields and black sand beaches. It’s an island that has mostly gone unnoticed. However, it offers endless adventures and most importantly some of the best terrains for dirt bike riding in Southeast Asia. Other highlights include natural hot springs, climbing  Kelimutu Volcano with its colorful craters. Staying in the traditional Manggarai and Ngada villages that have barely changed for generations. A visit to the Komodo National Park is certainly not to be missed either!



Visit Tambora Village and Volcano on an Enduro Dirt Bike tour

A violent volcanic eruption resulted in shaping the impressive island of Sumbawa. Ride through the island’s best-kept secrets and discover jungle waterfalls, wide-open savannahs and rugged coastlines. Join a tour to the summit of the super-volcano of Mt Tambora. In April 1815 it had the largest volcanic eruption ever to have been recorded in human history.


Bali to Bromo

Adventure Riding at the Bromo Caldera

Bali and East Java’s region of Bromo presents the perfect combo for an off-road adventure bike tour with unique cultural experiences and impressive trails. Ride along Bali’s stunning coastlines, rice fields, volcanic mountains. We pass ancient temples along the way before arriving in East Java’s Bromo region.

Tempted to go for an off-road motorcycle tour in these top Indonesian locations? Contact Adventure Riders today and find the ride of a lifetime!