The magnificent Mount Bromo stands 2400 meters tall.  It is not the tallest among Indonesia’s mountains, but does have some fantastic sights and wondrous landscapes. The mountain is surrounded by a vast stretch of volcanic sand, creating a mystical charm and beauty. It’s located about a 4-hour drive from East Java’s capital, Surabaya, and covers a massive area of 800 square km.

Below are must-do activities while you’re in this east Java relic.


Hike and Witness the Sunrise


sunrise bromo - things to do in bromo


The amazing sunrise view from Mount Bromo is one of the reasons why people travel far and wide to get there. You’ll catch the fantastic view of the sunrise centering over Mount Bromo from the vantage point on Mount Penanjakan, which is also where one of the most iconic postcard pictures is taken from. To top that, you’ll experiencec a truly majestic atmosphere from the surrounding mountain ranges. It only takes around an hour to hike up to the top. The sun starts to rise at about 5.30am. Besides the sunrise view, you can catch the view of the desert-like sands below.


Enjoy the Sceneries with a Cup of Coffee

Mount Bromo’s refreshing and cool climate is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee after you’re done with all the adventures. Pick a restaurant or café which offers some of the best views. Once you do, you’ll be surrounded by a magical atmosphere while having some snacks and sipping some traditional coffee.


Horse Riding at The Sands




Feel like a knight in shining armor in the sea of sands! Except they only have ponies here instead of stallions. Still, riding a pony is one of the best Bromo experiences. Even if you’ve never rode a horse before, the owners usually hold them by a lead-rope.

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