Bali is known as a place to unwind and refresh by its pristine beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes, with wellness programs on top. Bali may be the best place to relax and a great way to escape from the daily grind, but this paradise also provides some challenges and adventurous high pumping activities for those who love them.

Check out this list of adrenaline-pumping activities you should try, and explore the thrilling and exciting side of Bali!


Aling Aling Waterfall – Slide the Natural Waterslide


aling aling waterfall


This waterfall, located in the North of Bali, is perfect for any adventurers. Its location is quite remote and far from the tourist areas, unlike other popular waterfalls that are usually crowded with tourists. Prepare for some beautiful sceneries along the way. It’s a 35-meter-tall waterfall surrounded by a tropical forest. The unique thing about this waterfall is the waterslide that flows from the top of the waterfall heading straight into the pond.


White Water Rafting


rafting in ayung river


Get your adrenaline pumping in the white water rafting Bali locations! One of them is in the Ayung River, which is the longest river in Bali near the culture center of Bali, Ubud. You can enjoy the natural beauty along the river. Another white water rafting location is Telaga Waja in Karangasem offering a 16-kilometer route with some thrilling obstacles along the way. This includes a 5-meter fall that will surely make you scream!


Mahana Point Cliff Jump


cliff jump


Does jumping off a clifftop and into the clear ocean satisfy your adrenaline needs? Then Mahana Point, a bar on top of Nusa Ceningan will please your needs! Once you arrive, prepare to witness some other brave jumpers that will get your blood racing. After the jump, you can always calm yourself down with a drink or two at the bar.


Bali Dirt Bike Tour


Enduro Lava Ride in Bali


Adventure Riders Indonesia offers multiple-day dirt bike tours through some of the island’s spectacular sceneries. With motorcycle tours leading to some of the island’s best landscape and terrain. Ranging from tropical rainforests, rice paddy fields, beautiful coastlines and volcanic lava sands and including the best view of Mount Agung volcano.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming trips to start the new year! From a 2-day Bali dirt bike tour this 4, 5 January 2020 for €420 and a 6 day Bali to Bromo tour this January 12th for €1260. Book a tour now and ride on the ultimate adventure with us!

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