It’s known as an extreme sport to most. Surprisingly, dirt bike riding can be a great way to stay healthy and fit. Despite getting dirty on rough roads and off-road terrains, you’ll be surprised by the amount of exercise you’re doing. Here are the benefits of dirt biking.


Increased heart rate


Enduro Lava Ride in Bali


Dirt bike riding increases your heart rate significantly when compared to low-level endurance exercises. Depending on the ride you do, if you’re doing rides through obstacles, jumps and hills, dirt bike riding can raise your heart rate into the mid-150s. However, an average ride should get you up to about 130+.


Boost strength


dirt bike types-motocross


Even if you’re sitting on a motorized vehicle, dirt biking involves a lot of turning, lifting and operating your bike, which requires a significant amount of body strength. During your tour, you’ll encounter some harsh terrains which will get your leg muscles doing the work, as well as going off jumps, which will require some arm strength to lift the handle bars and push down again when landing.



Dirt bike riding can improve your endurance by the continuous amount of time you spent riding. Riding a dirt bike for an hour or more will engage your leg and arm muscles along with increasing your heart rate throughout the ride. Riding for an hour or more will give you decent exercise, if only by operating the pedals and hand gears.


Stress reliever


benefits dirt bike


Feeling sad or anxious? Dirt bike riding can effectively erase stress and anxiety. Same with other exercises and sports, dirt bike riding releases endorphins which helps to wash off depression and improve your overall mood, along with other effects such as improving your mental outlook and embracing relaxation. Try dirt biking for yourself and feel the immediate change.

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