Any off road riders will agree that there is lots of different gear available for riders to choose from. The choice, however, highly depends on the rider. Here, we consider some must-have dirt bike equipment.

Wearing the right gear will keep you comfortable along the trail and keeps you safe and protected in case of a crash. For this reason, no one should ever attempt a dirt bike ride without the right gear. Here is some dirt bike equipment you should have on your dirt bike adventure.


dirt bike gear


Full Face Helmet

A helmet should be a priority.  A full face helmet is essential as it protects one of the most important organs of your body, the brain. Having a crash without wearing a helmet can easily cause brain damage and even loss of life. Off-road helmets are usually full faced with a jaw protector as face planting is common. A broken jaw and knocking out teeth is bound to happen without a jaw protector.



Having goggles is also a must, as they allow you to see where you’re going and completes the helmet piece. These Goggles grant protection for your eyes, getting all the debris such as dust, bugs, branches, water and more out of the way while riding. Without the dirt bike goggles, there’s a high chance of permanent damage to the eyes, and crashes due to lack of vision.


Knee & Elbow Guards

Knee injuries are usually common, not only in dirt bike riding but in any sport. While elbows tend to receive some scrapes and impacts, especially for beginner riders. During a crash, it’s common to twist your knees in a way they aren’t supposed to twist. Knee braces can prevent these life long injuries, which is why they’re a must have for every rider. Elbow pads can avoid some common road rash and injuries that might occur to riders who are just starting out.


Dirt Bike Pants

Jeans aren’t enough to ride the motocross trails. Dirt bike pants are necessary for any dirt bike riding as they are designed to stand the harsh terrains you’ll encounter, while also providing maximum comfort and freedom of movement that you need while dirt bike riding.


Protective Boots

Dirt bike boots boasts some quality protection and offer great comfort. They offer protection for your entire foot, ankle and the lower leg. In any dirt bike sport, your foot is in the front line for all injuries. Without proper protection from dirt bike boots, simple situations, such as getting your foot stuck in a rut, can end you up in the hospital. Besides that, a proper boot will protect against some impact as well as preventing critical injuries such as twisting your ankle.

Here is the essential list of dirt bike gear that you should have to get ready for an off road adventure. Interested in the off road dirt bike adventure of a lifetime? Don’t miss out on our upcoming trips to start the new year! From a 2-day Bali dirt bike tour this 4, 5 January 2020 for €420 and a 6 day Bali to Bromo tour this January 12th for €1260. Contact Adventure Riders for a trip and ride through beautiful landscapes and challenging terrains.

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