Bali’s rice terraces are a must see when visiting the island. They offer spectacular landscapes that will undoubtedly fill your camera with beautiful shots. Rice paddies are more than just an annual harvest for the Balinese, it’s also part of their heritage. A traditional irrigation called ‘subak’ has lived through for centuries, and is part of the stunning beauty of Bali’s terraces.




tegalalang | bali's rice terraces


It’s one of the Ubud regions 3 villages known for its terraced landscapes where the others are Pejeng, in the east, and Campuhan in the west. Tegallalang is a craftsmen village with a high and breezy roadside outlook. The scenery is filled with palm trees with a busy and quiet scenery dominating this small valley. There’s a line of restaurants that serve coffee and local dishes at low prices, complete with the spectacular views of the Tegallalang field.




sidemen rice terrace


Located along the Klungkung and Besakih route, Sidemen Village is a 2-hour drive from Ubud. It presents some excellent spots for amazing rice paddy views in East Bali. Even just driving along the rural roads is a pleasant experience, with some additional trekking tours you can enjoy for an up-close view.




rendang rice terrace


A calm and charming village in the mountain regency of Karangasem, with some scenic views along the drive to the capital. It’s filled with rice fields and rivers, and locals carving stones besides harvesting for a living. You’ll catch views of some fantastic stone temples and statues along the way, in addition to quaint valleys with rice paddies that share the view of some of Bali’s top water rapids.

These are the must-visit rice terraces in Bali, which offer stunning landscapes all year round. Want to experience an unforgettable Bali dirt bike journey through these locations? Adventure Riders offer dirt bike packages around Bali and Indonesia’s best outdoor scenery. Give us a call and take the ride of a lifetime.

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