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Looking For An Unforgettable Guided Motorcycle Tour?

At Adventure Riders Indonesia, we offer unique guided motorcycle tours around the islands of Flores, Bali, Sumbawa and other destinations throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Firstly, our mission is to deliver exhilarating off-road motorcycle trips in comfort and style, while discovering an Indonesia that very few travelers will ever experience.

Secondary, our tours have something for everyone and plenty variety of off - road terrain, authentic cultural experiences, overnight stays in traditional villages, ride through spectacular volcanic mountains and tropical jungle trails, camping on pristine white sand beaches and down roads that redefine ‘off-the-beaten-track’.

In addition, our adventures are for both novice and experienced riders alike, and each group tour can be customized, adapted to your level of riding.

Upcoming Trips

5 Nights Jan, 30 2024 Feb, 04 2024

Bali-Lombok 6 Day Offroad Adventure

2 Nights Feb, 09 2024 Feb, 11 2024

Bali 3 Day Enduro Trip

4 Nights Feb, 15 2024 Feb, 17 2024

3 Day Bromo Trail Adventure

8 Nights Oct, 18 2024 Oct, 26 2024

Bali to Bromo 9 Day Tour

5 Nights Oct, 31 2024 Nov, 05 2024

Bromo to Bali 6 Day Trail Ride


The Bikes

At Adventure Riders Indonesia, we use the latest 2018 Kawasaki KLX 250 dual sport bikes. The KLX 250 are tough and durable. In fact, they're almost indestructible.

For instance, this makes them an ideal choice for the off-road challenges and the rugged and remote conditions that we throw at them. However, our bikes have been slightly modified to suit our type of riding on motorcycle tours and we've added a few  aftermarket items such as 12v USB charging outlets and hand guards.

What We Do

Adventure Riders Indonesia was the brainchild of Allan, Adam and Jamie, and the latest venture of Calico Jack Charters, our successful traditional Indonesian Yacht Adventure company - specializing in dive trips and adventure tours in Maluku and Raja Ampat.

The concept was to extent our established pedigree and passion for adventure at sea to the land. In other words, to explore the sights of Indonesia by bike - and to do it in style. And so Adventure Riders Indonesia was born. Guided motorcycle tours across the unique and fascinating islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

The Support Vehicle

The Support Vehicle

The rolling tool shed has been kitted out with spare parts, tools and even an extra bike. It’s been built on a Toyota Kijang, an "Asian Safari Cruiser" – characterful and charismatic. It will carry our luggage, surfboards, camping equipment, the chef, and, of course, the mechanic. And it can go almost anywhere.

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Tools and Services

Our on-board mechanic has all the necessary tools and equipment to keep you on the road no matter what the issue. All our bikes are regularly serviced and maintained, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free ride. We carry a full range of comprehensive spares that will have you back on the road before you know it. And, as an extra precaution, our support vehicle carries a spare Kawasaki KLX bike for emergencies.

Bena Village is one of the Megalithic Villages located in Ngada, Flores

Other Activities

Our motorcycle adventure tours aren't just about roaring engines and dreams of speed. As we travel through this unique country, there will be plenty of opportunity to explore the other treasures Indonesia has to offer. Trekking dormant volcanoes, swimming in hot springs – you could even spend the night with a local family, or camp on the beach. Explore dense jungle trails with exotic wildlife, snorkel in crystal-clear waters with marine life you never knew existed – it's all possible. We have a couple of masks and snorkels, and will even strap some surf boards to the tool shed so you can catch some waves on remote breaks along the way.