Group Meeting in Ubud

The riders have arrived in Bali for the Asian Dirt Bike Adventure. We’re getting everyone together for a ride through the Bali rice terraces surrounding Ubud – Tegallanang – to check the bikes and equipment before heading off tomorrow.

Half the group are on a KLX150 bored up to 200 while Adam, Kevin and Allan are on the KLX250’s.

Bali Dirt Bike Action

Adv Riders Bali

It’s been raining quite a bit in Bali in the afternoons therefore we expect some rain on the trip and are trying to weather-proof our luggage. Kevin also had a luggage rack made up.

Bali Rice Terraces

Adam and Craig were busy getting last minute things arranged and ironing their shirts so they wouldn’t be going on the test ride. It was a easy cruise along the rice fields surrounding Ubud, just to get used to the handling of the bikes. After lunch at a little road side warung it was time to head back and pack the last few things. After a group dinner at night it was off to bed.

Bali Rice Terraces

Some of the famous Bali Rice Terraces

Mount Batur Enduro

As predicted it did rain on Bali. In fact it rained quite a bit the first day and using smart phones as gps was not the way forward. Luckily we found pockets of sunshine along the way on the first day as we headed towards Kintamani.

lava dirt bike tour

Black Lava Sand Enduro

After a little ride around inside the Mount Batur crater we heading out to the east coast. We headed towards Padang Bai. From there we would get the ferry across the Lombok Strait the next day.

Bali Enduro tours

The bikes worked well. Apart from getting separated at one mountain crossroad we had done well on the first day, but everyone was soaking wet when we got to the hotel in Padang Bai. Phones were rescued by leaving them in uncooked rice over night. At least our bikes hadn’t been overheating! It was time for dinner, tall tales of bike adventures and then early to bed.

Crossing the Wallace Line

As we got up to get the ferry across to Lombok our riding gear was still wet. It did however look like we’d get some sunshine on the crossing, and hopefully we’d get an opportunity to dry our stuff.

Getting aboard the ferry was no problem, all paperwork for the bikes was approved. We set out to cross the famous Wallace Line between Bali and Lombok. It was a long ferry crossing and there was a warm breeze. We could dry our clothes while viewing the lush green Bali rice terraces disappearing behind us.

The Wallace Line

Crossing the Wallace Line

The food and drink selection was limited. In hindsight we should have stocked up before leaving. However, we made it across to the other side and headed for a little guesthouse on the southern tip of Lombok.

Dirt Bike Riding in Lombok

We passed at wedding procession on our way from the ferry to the guesthouse. It felt like some kind of village carnival where everyone was welcome.  We didn’t stick around through, it was getting dark and we were hungry and just wanted to sit down, enjoy our dinner and get a good nights sleep before heading up towards Mount Rinjani the next day.

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