Off-road motorcycle riding can be a fun and risky activity for beginners. We covered some tips in our previous blog, but you can find out the rest of our tips here, so you can enjoy a safe and fun ride while you’re riding the dirt.


balance the bike


Focus on the path

For both off-road riding and street riding, paying attention to the path is essential as it will get you to your finish point and help you avoid those areas you don’t want to go. Set your mind in the right direction, and your body and motorcycle will follow.


Weight the inside peg

If you need to take a right turn, shoving the inside peg is what you should do. You must constantly follow the momentum and shift your weight towards the outer direction to maintain the balance of the bike’s weight. The same thing goes when you turn left, by weighing the left peg.


Lead the way

When you’re within the riding hurdles, this automatically involves you being everyone’s support and assistance to help other riders. Showing the right direction is a must while you’re in the group, or at least the ones on your tail, so that they won’t get separated. This will help coordinate and keep the group together and reduce the risk of accidents occuring.


Inform the number of your group

From time to time, you might come across other riders. When this happens, signaling them how many people are behind you is a must. This can help in avoiding any collisions while in the off-road tracks. Do this by raising your fingers, indicating the number of people.  You can also signal if you’re alone and there’s no one behind you.

Make sure you follow these tips and get the best out of your off-road riding adventure! Looking for more motorcycle tours you won’t forget? Contact Adventure Riders Indonesia for a unique guided motorcycle tour around the Indonesian archipelago, and experience the ride of a lifetime!

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