It looks like a spike that emerges from the ocean. Kenawa Island is a small island with a unique contour that can’t be found anywhere else. Kenawa is mostly known by Indonesian domestic tourists, due to its unique topography. It’s a grassland dominated island, with a hill at the end.


kenawa island


Located in the Alas Strait between Lombok and Sumbawa, Kenawa Island is relatively close to the Sumbawa Islands. So Kenawa is administratively part of the West Sumbawa Regency, part of the district of Poto Tano. Although located in between two large islands, it is still complicated to reach Kenawa. If you are on your way from Lombok, it’s only possible to reach the crossing of Kenawa with a transit at the Poto Tano on Sumbawa Island first.

Once you’re on the island, you’ll find a long wooden dock. This will lead You to the clean white sandy beach and into the grassland, which covers the whole island. A ground path can be seen across the island that leads up to the hill. From the island, everything you see will involve the spectacular ocean view. Walk along the path and up the hill for stunning scenery of the island itself, the sea and the other islands surrounding Kanawa.

Lots of huts are found on the edge of Kenawa, with shelters you can use to get out of the intense afternoon sun or rainy days. One favorite activity for tourists is camping and enjoying a night full of stars surrounded by the gentle ocean sounds.  Just be sure that the tents you bring are reliable, as extreme winds tend to occur. No garbage is allowed to be left behind, and you are not allowed to start a fire in the dry season, as the grass here can get very dry.

Make sure you prepare well before coming to Kenawa Island. Find the best route and be well supplied, as there is no accommodation on the island. Don’t stay overnight if you don’t plan to bring camping equipment due to the harsh wind.

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