The year 2018 is a special year for off-roaders as the Kawasaki KLX250 is launched, replacing its older brother, the KLX 250S, which disappeared over three years ago. This dirt shredder is all juiced up with a fuel injection system, replacing the old carb. Along with losing the S in its name, it also lost the Keihin carburetor injection.


kawasaki klx250 | dirt bike in bali





The one change from its predecessor is the switch to EFI. The KLX250s had a carbureted motor that ran quite fine until the operating temperature went up. The EFI now fixed in the 2018 KLX250, will be ready to hit the road right after its turned on. There was a slight adjustment in the idle as it ran less than 1000 rpm. After raising it to around 1250 rpm, the motor runs perfectly.

The KLX250 sure is a comfortable ride from Kawasaki, weighing in at just under 300 pounds and injected with the right amount of power, making this an off-road-focused ride with an excellent nimble feel.

The bike rides along the obstacles on the trails nicely, sucking up even the square-edged rocks and sudden holes you’ll drop by. Steering with the rear end is possible when you’re revving it hard, or just let the front wheel drag you in the direction you’re heading. The front wheel has strong traction and grip to the track, thanks to the weight that’s transferred from the suspension.

Besides its function as an off-road bike, the KLX250 is also great for urban riding.  It’s easy to slide its way between cars and the high seats are always good for traffic.

You’ll certainly get the best dirt riding experience with the KLX250, while also riding it casually when back on the city roads. It doesn’t make much noise, light and nimble it’s a bike that will please new riders and experienced ones alike. Want to go on an adventure with the KLX250? Get a chance to do so with Adventure Riders Indonesia for a tour around Indonesia’s vast nature, and experience an unforgettable journey with us.

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