Best Dirt Bike Riding Experience Ever!

This tour was the highlight of my Bali trip! I have 0 experience riding dirt bikes and 0 experience with manual (clutch) vehicles. I wanted to challenge myself by doing something new and that wasn’t a problem for Adventure Riders Indonesia! They had an automatic (mini) bike ready and available for me along with a very, very, very patient guide. The owner Allan even stated that a little clutch experience is great to get started on the actual dirt bike. I fell off my bike multiple times (the bike and I were fine each time…they strapped us in with many protective gear to prevent any injuries) and my guide patiently got myself and the bike back on track. We stuck to the flat lands and grass while the other experienced riders went for the more challenging terrains. Some of the more experienced riders confessed to have fallen off their bikes which made me feel a bit better about myself lol.

The tour starts and ends at a restaurant where you can order coffee and food, then ride through rice fields and to an off the path and less frequented waterfall, had great lunch with great views, and got rehydrated with coconut water. I had a great time and I will definitely be doing this tour again once I’m back in Bali! My guide Suweca was the best!