One of my greatest life experiences

I’m pretty new to off-road riding, so I joined these guys for a two day/one night tour through Bali, from Ubud to Tulamben in the northeast of the Island. When I tell you I was nervous… it had been years since I rode a manual bike and I wasn’t even sure I remembered how to turn the engine on. As it turns out, it’s just like… well, riding a bike.
Despite my relative inexperience, the guys at Adventure Riders welcomed me on the tour, helped me improve my off-road riding skills massively, and found ways to make sure everyone was challenged appropriate to their skill level, so nobody was bored and nobody was struggling. Not too hard, at least.
I can honestly say they were two of the best days I’ve ever spent while travelling. We took on black volcanic sand, gravelly beaches, rickety old bridges over deep ravines… and what I learned in those two days was incredible. I’d have no hesitation taking on a longer trip next time. I couldn’t have found a better bunch of people to do something like this with.