One of the best biking experiences I’ve ever had

I almost can’t describe how happy I was on this trip. I hadn’t ridden in about a year and was due to do the 1 day trip a week before but couldn’t make it.
So I booked on the 2 day trip instead after new year and I hands down had the best time of my life. Riding through tall crop fields, up steep (but not impossible) hill climbs through rides fields and amazing woodland, a couple of tricky fallen trees and areas to get your heart racing but the guides are awesome and really help you if you get stuck. They care about the journey you’re having and make it easier or more challenging based on your ability and what you want.
My absolute highlight was racing down a dried up river on day 2 I love technical areas and little jumps so I was in my element, it was raining a little and there were fun obstacles like fallen bamboo branches, farmers and areas of sand (which makes it super fun) and you can take it as easy as you like or are comfortable with.
The lava fields are awesome and like being on another world and the black sand volcano of Mount Batur means you can mess around and if you fall it doesn’t actually hurt that much.
The ride out to the fields is also great you see areas of Bali you would never normally go to and you get to see a bit of the real Bali – how it used to be.
I can not recommend this trip and explore ride Indonesia enough and my only concern is when I can get back there to do more.