GoPro 9 Black and Nikon Upgrades

During the last year we have been riding some new trails and been able to get out in the fresh air despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Riding without any guests hasn’t been the same, so we and our guides have been doing some upgrading to our video and camera equipment notably the GoPro 9 Black action camera. These have already been in action as we are slowly starting to see visitors return to Indonesia.

Nikon Proff Equipment

Pro photography gear from Nikon

So, in 2021 we will be able to provide better images and smoother, more action packed videos, quickly editidet on the fly after a days riding, with a link provided to our riders so that they can access the images after the holiday. Here is a short video from a Bali 2 Day Dirt Bike Tour.

And it’s not just better videos, the camera gear has also been updated so that we can provide better images as souvenirs to our riders. We’ve always had fun taking pictures on our rides, and everyone has a camera, mobile phone or GoPro with them, but we feel like these upgrades are all well worth it.

Of course You can follow us on Instagram and Youtube to keep up with our latest trip videos and pictures. We will also be posting new pictures into our gallery on Adventure Riders web site.


So why the upgrades?

First of all some of our older videos shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ have been good, but the camera isn’t as easy to use as newer models with quick start and rear screen. The newest GoPro 9 Black is a massive upgrade on quality. The camera is rain and dust proof which we like in a motorcycle tour camera. The recording resolution is also an upgrade, and what we think will be really beneficial to filming on rugged uneven trails is the smooth and hyper smooth functions.

Gopro 9 Black Action Camera

Go Pro 9 Black Action Camera

We are also currently experimenting with different kinds of go-pro attachments to both helmets, bag-packs and the bikes. Drones are also used on some of our trips, usually the longer tours where we use a support vehicle like the Bali – Bromo 6 day trip as well as Flores 6 & 10 Day exploration Tours. We have been using both the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Mini.